Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Become A Passionate and Prosperous Freedompreneur!

    2. A gentle reminder for anyone who wants to leave their unfulfilling job...

    3. Before we begin...

    4. Disclaimer

    1. A motivational talk to build momentum!

    2. Motivational Talk - Main Takeaways

    3. Mindset upgrades to succeed as a freedompreneur

    4. The secret to mastering your beliefs

    5. Upgrade your beliefs through journaling

    6. Space to journal: Mastering your beliefs and embodying your super successful self

    1. Energy alignment + true north alignment

    2. A reflection to reconnect you with your true north

    3. Space to journal: True north connection + alignment

    4. Connecting with your true north aligned business + lifestyle

    5. Space to journal: Connecting with your true north aligned business + dream work day + lifestyle of freedom

    6. Manifestation Technique - Scripting

    7. Space to write your script (letter of gratitude)

    1. How to turn any passion into profit

    2. A pep talk around selling

    3. Energetically connect with your dream clients

    4. Connect with your dream clients through journaling

    5. What are you selling?

    6. Pricing your products and services

    7. Create your true-north-aligned business model and dream offers

    1. Discover and choose your 3rd party business tools

    2. Accounting tools for business growth

    1. Discover the marketing platforms that can help you grow

    2. A guide to choosing your aligned marketing platforms

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Become a passionate and prosperous freedompreneur